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‘Shakespeare in love’

Last Thursday, June 21, the “Live Language Theater Company” visited us, with its play ‘Shakespeare in love’, an interactive play in English.
The company uses a pedagogical methodology which puts students in situations that require them to interact and communicate with English native speaking actors. The method generates highly participatory contexts, transforming students into protagonists and forcing them to react directly and immediately.
Second and third grade students participated in this interactive play, who enjoyed an educational experience outside of the traditional classroom context.
The English department appreciates the participation of the students especially the wonderful actors: Tania Sekul (IIA), Tania Olivares (IIB), Mathew Saavedra (IIB), Sofía Reyes (IIB), Benjamín Álvarez (IIIA) and Sebastián Panussis (IIIB), who put all their talent on stage.

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